East Coast Facilities.
World Class Service.

Whether the product is headed overseas or inbound from foreign shores, MTC Logistics knows that you need the confidence of an experienced partner to ensure its safe passage. We welcome the opportunity to be that partner.

How are we different? MTC Logistics is strategically located in close proximity to two-thirds of the total U.S. population — that’s over 200 million people! Our Maryland and Delaware ports put you at the doorstep of international markets — a convenience that translates into measurable sustainability for you and the environment. You use less fuel, emit less exhaust and put less wear and tear on your fleet of trucks. All of this adds up to MTC Logistics being a more globally aware partner, ready to serve your comprehensive needs.

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Ernie Ferguson
Vice President of Sales

Our 3 distribution centers are strategically located with easy access to Interstate 95 and the ports of Baltimore, Wilmington and Philadelphia.  These locations coupled with green construction practices allow our customers cost effective distribution while reducing their carbon footprint.

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