Our History

Five Generations of Warm Service

Hello, I’m Harry Halpert, Chairman of MTC Logistics.  As a member of the 5th generation of our family business, I am proud to be part of our long and successful history of innovation and service.  Despite many changes across the decades, the one constant has been our ability to adapt to the ever changing needs of the marketplace.


Merchants Terminal Corporation was founded by my great-grandfather and his brothers, under the direction of their mother, in 1928.  In our earliest years, we provided cold storage lockers for merchants.  Companies like Birdseye were creating a new market for frozen vegetables and, with the advent of ammonia refrigeration, needed to warehouse their products in facilities like ours.

Our first facility was constructed 11 stories high with three elevators.  The product would come in on small trucks, in boxes or crates.  We would move the product on hand dollies to the elevator, which would take it to the designated floor.  From there, we’d wheel the dolly into a room and hand-stack the product onto the floor.  Business was conducted this way for decades.


The first significant innovations came in the 40s and 50s, as our business transitioned from storage to logistics.  At that time in America, the highway and automotive infrastructure were radically improving.  Our reach expanded.  Pallets were invented to stack product, and electric lifts to raise the pallets, followed by electric tow motors.

During this period, changing refrigeration technology allowed for innovative operators like Merchants Terminal to become one of the earliest adopters of single story cold storage warehouses in the country.  In the 1960’s we expanded as Giant Foods market share grew and in 1980 we expanded further to serve General Foods East Coast distribution.  Along with this came our adoption of electronic data interchange and more sophisticated inventory control computer systems.  By 1990, we were no longer merely managing inventory, but now using computers to manage the warehouse operations.

2000 and Beyond

As chairman of MTC Logistics, I am fortunate to work with scores of people representing decades of institutional knowledge.  Our success in serving our customers emanates from our ability to be proactive and adaptive to changing market needs often times enabled by the capabilities of sophisticated technology. Recognizing that we are an extension of our customer we have adopted technologies which help us reduce direct costs (Energy Management Software); help our customers manage their information (MVision released in 2001) to increase their profitability; transportation management software to help us offer MLogistics transportation services (since 2003) to enable our customers to both gain accountability and save money.  As well, we have invested in bricks-and-mortar in order to  help our customers become more profitable.  In 2006 we expanded into Wilmington, Delaware to enable our customers to reduce transportation expense into the North East markets.  In 2009, we opened our flagship distribution center by Baltimore’s Seagirt Marine terminal. The strategic position immediately adjacent to the Seagirt Marine Terminal has allowed us to continue to expand our international service offerings. And most recent in late December 2014, the company doubled its cold storage capacity at this location, going from 16,500 pallet positions to 32,000 pallet positions. Today, we are well positioned to meet the needs of our valued customers, old and new, for decades to come.

We invite you to benefit from our generations of cumulative knowledge.  Click here to reach us.

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